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Letter of Application


Letter of Application


Okay, you have seen the job of your dreams advertised….or have you? Think about it a while. Maybe it would be a good move…maybe not.


If you are early on in your career it is well worth going through the whole process of putting a CV together, writing a letter of application and, if lucky, attending interview. You lose nothing if you don’t get the job but gain much from the process and experience gained. You will be more ready next time.


Your letter of application is important. It should complement your CV and tell why you would like the job. This is the first document from you that will be read so it is important that you get it right. Many job advertisers still ask for a ‘hand written’ letter of application so you must do your best to see it is neat, properly composed and spelt correctly. Sadly today, correct spelling is on the decline and I have seen many letters of application from University graduates that were so badly spelt that I have wondered how they have got as far as they have.


A good practice is to compose your letter in a word processor first. Neaten it up. Read and re-read it and spell check it before putting pen to paper.





                                                                                                              71 Percival St


NR2 P83



Simon Smith

Dancing Bear Zoological Garden

Garden City

B42 XJ1


3rd August 2008


Re: Vacancy for Elephant Keeper advertised in 15th July edition of ZooNews Digest


Dear Mr Smith,


I should like to apply for the vacant Elephant Keeper post. I have worked with both Asian and African elephants over the past eight years. I spent my first three years in X Zoo and a further five years in Y Zoo and have learnt a great deal about the management of these remarkable animals.


I believe that I could bring to this post the necessary experience, dedication and reliability required. I also look forward to expanding my knowledge still further and contributing to the overall success of your collection.


I attach my CV but if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at anytime on my mobile number 123 456 7890


Yours Sincerely,


James Smith



It is important that your letter of application sells you! It should be clear, factual and precise. It is intended to introduce you and give a reason why you would be a good choice for the post. It should give just enough information to make the advertiser want to read your CV.





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