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Zoo News 27

Dear Colleagues,

You will probably recollect that last weeks news items started out with two references to Lisa Mooreheads` tragic Tapir accident. Lisa is still in intensive care and still in serious condition. Judging by the letters I had, many of you are concerned about her. I therefore draw your attention to the following. If nothing else, a few kind words on a card would help.

"Lisa Moorehead Recovery Fund"
Laura Smith of Zoo Chat and Sheryl Todd of the Tapir Preservation Fund have banded together to start a collection to help Lisa through what is going to be a very difficult time. For further information on how you can help, please visit the following sites:

If you would like to send Lisa a card or a letter, please send it to the following address. I am sure it would be appreciated.

Lisa Moorehead
Attn: ICU - Room 9E - 220
University Hospital
P.O. Box 26307
Oklahoma City, OK 73126

A fairly quiet week on the zoo front both at home and away. There follows all I could turn up.

Rare white lions on display at zoo
(Papanack Park Zoo)

Indon students air grievances to apes
(Gembira Loka Zoo)

SA pays its Singapore buffalo bill - with hyenas
(Singapore zoo)

Polar Bears Find Home at Detroit Zoo

Working on holiday can still be a treat
(San Francisco Zoo)
Annie Nakao

Late night at the animal house
( Brookfield Zoo)

For some breeds of whales, being smart runs in the family

Shedd takes reins in helping save sea horses

CSU vet a pioneer in field

Kerrville closing 222-acre wildlife safari park
(The Kerrville Camera Safari)

Director quits over criticism
(Dusit Zoo)

Chinese expert says South China tiger may be extinct in wild

Albuquerque acquires elephants, llamas in likely circus settlement
(Albuquerque's Rio Grande Biological Park)

Veterinarians' extensive tests fail to reveal what killed Toto
(North Carolina Zoo)

North Carolina farm offers refuge to big cats
(Carnivore Preservation Trust)

Going ape in Taipei
(Taipei City Zoo)

Abused circus animals find a new home at the zoo
(Rio Grande Zoo)

Four animals die from alleged poisoning at Kiev zoo

Fighting Lions' reclaim a mascot
(Papanack Park Zoo)

Injured bear set free after rehab
(Greater Baton Rouge Zoo)

After poke in the eye, elephant on the mend
(Buttonwood Park zoo)

Zoo's hippos have an early Thanksgiving feast
(Los Angeles)

Zoo releases rare hawk raised in captivity
(Ueno Zoo)

PIL against gift of lions to Japanese zoo is dismissed
(Mumbai zoo/ Yokohoma zoo)

Will County halts hunt for elusive mystery cat
(Brookfield Zoo/ Lincoln Park Zoo)

Zoo Friends chooses director
(Tulsa Zoo)

Ex-zoo chief, LR sign $20,000 contract
(Little Rock Zoo)

Zookeeper still in critical condition
(Oklahoma City Zoo)

The mane attraction - the Lion or the Hawke?
(Melbourne Zoo)

Public protests throw lion life line
(Lucknow Zoo)

Monterey Bay Aquarium exhibit would be first to feature deep-sea animals

Elephant trainer faces new cruelty charges

Lawyer: Elephants don't have to be treated humanely in South Africa

Point Defiance beluga heads to San Diego

How nature copes with bunny bug

WWF's panda campaigns for poor

Feds convict pair of selling endangered wild cats


Arkansas River minnow is placed on the endangered list

Inbreeding of species can lead to extinction, scientists say

Red wolf restoration project in Smokies ends

Police seize 8 wild animals from unauthorised zoo
(Johnson Zoo- Bangarapet)

Situations Vacant

Knowsley Safari Park have a vacancy for a curator. This is a senior position with direct responsibility to the General Manager.
Duties include the daily operation of the safari park, animal husbandry, staff and animal records etc
An experienced, practical hands on person is required. Salary is negotiable with experience and excellent family accomodation is available with the position.
Applications, including a full CV to reach D H Ross, General Manager, Knowsley Safari Park, Prescot, Merseyside. L34 4AN by Saturday 12th December 1998

For the most up to date links to sites advertising Zoo work go to:


Primate Society of Great Britain Winter Meeting
December 2nd 1998
Zoological Society of London
For further information contact:

1st European Zoo Nutrition Conference
Jan 8 - 11 1999
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
for more details contact:

The 7th Annual Conference of the International Association of Avian
Trainers and Educators
February 12-15 1999
Sitka, Alaska, USA
( This is a great conference for people interested in birds, but also for
those involved in animal presentations and animal training in general) For
information, contact: Kevin Hils, Columbus Zoo, 9990 Riverside Drive, Box
400, Powell, Ohio, USA, 43065. Phone (614) 645-0558 Email:

International Zoo Conference -” Zoos waking up? Methods and problems in creating modern zoos".
March 13th and 14th 1999
Erfurt, Germany
Registration is possible via the website(http://www.quantum-conservation.org ) or direct at this address : Quantum Conservation e.V. Heeder Dorfstrasse 44, 49356 Diepholz,
Germany Tel: 0049-(0)-5441-82133 Fax: 0049-(0)5441-82132

Annual ARAZPA/ASZK Conference
21st -26th ofMarch 1999
Alice Springs Desert Park, Australia
The conference will be conducting behind the scenes tours, post conference
tours and the presentation of papers by zoo staff and associations. If
interested any contact should be through Andrew Mann, Conference
co-ordinator, Alice Springs Desert Park, P.O.Box 1046, Alice Springs, NT,
0871 Telephone: +61-8-8951 8764 Facsimile: +61-8-89518777 E-mail:

The 4th Annual International Wildlife Law Conference
March 20th 1999
This is being held at American University's School of Law in Washington, D.C.
The Conference panels will include 'The effectiveness of regional wildlife treaty regimes' and 'Case studies of implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species at the national level'. For more information, visit:

ABWAK 25th Celebration, Then, Now & the Future
April 17 - 18 1999
Marwell Zoological Park
for more details contact:

39th International Symposium on the Diseases of Zoo and Wild Animals
May 12 - 16, 1999
Vienna / Austria
contact: office@zoovienna.at
or: froelich@izw-berlin.de

7th World Conference on Breeding Endangered Species
May 22 - 26 1999
Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio, USA
for more details contact:
Grace Rettig (Fax 1-513-559-7791)

ECM 3rd European Congress of Mammalogy
May 30- June 4 1999
Jyvaskyla, Finland
For further details contact :

PR & Marketing in Zoos
There will be a conference on PR & Marketing in Zoos taking place in Holland from the 3rd to the 6th June 1999. Full details not yet available. If you require further information at this time please contact Henning Julin, Director of Aalborg Zoo on :

The 1999 meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists (ASM)
University of Washington, Seattle
June 20-24 1999
This will include spoken and poster sessions on marine mammals. The ASM Marine Mammal Committee has also organised a symposium at the event entitled 'Marine Mammals: The Next Century'. For more information, contact :
Paul Anderson, Chair, ASM Marine Mammal Committee at

16th EAZA/EEP Annual Conference
Basel Zoo, Switzerland
September 8-12 1999
For further information contact :
EAZA offices

Fourth International Enrichment Conference
29th August-3rd September 1999
Edinburgh, Scotland.
Details as and when available from the Shape of Enrichment website:
The Shape of Enrichment, Inc is pleased to announce a grant of $1,000 U.S. to be used towards expenses to attend The Fourth International Conference on Environmental Enrichment. The winning paper will be presented during the conference. More details of this from the enrichment site.

European Zoo Educators (EZE) Conference
Safari Beekse Bergen; Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands
16 - 20 September 1999
For further details contact: Chris Peters; IZE-Regional Representative for
Europe/Middle-East e-mail: Rob.Belterman@inter.nl.net

Veterinary conference on Australian Wildlife
Western Plains Zoo, Australia
September 13-17, 1999.
Topics include zoonoses, medicine and surgery of
macropods, reptiles, bats, native birds and amphibia as well as pest
control and assisted reproduction. Interested parties can contact :
David Blyde on dblyde@tpgi.com.au

Research and Captive Propagation in Birds
Antwerp Zoo
October 21-23 1999
For Further info :

Help Wanted

Odd Behaviour
Tim Husband, Operations Manager at Blue Gum Zoo in Sydney is working on a book of aberrant behaviour in captive animals. He is hoping to put together a compilation of "case scenarios". He would greatly appreciate input from as many people as possible. What he is looking for is a full description of the problem i.e. stereotypies or other abnormal behaviours and, and this is the important bit, how it was solved. He hopes that a book of this nature would be of help to people working with captive animals everywhere.

I am sure Tim is right. If such a book was available today, I would certainly purchase a copy.

Contact Tim on : husband@internet-australia.com

Don`t forget ZooChat, it has its moments! Curators, Keepers, Vets,
Researchers letting their hair down at the end of the day. Very
lighthearted most of the time. Serious some of the time. Useful for making
contacts and generally having fun. THE BOARD is a useful place for posting your

Sites worth checking out
Have you got a suggestion? Let me check it out.


Seal Conservation Society


Red Squirrel Guidelines


Tiger Information

“Hot off the Press”
International Zoo Yearbook 36
As usual the very high standard of the Yearbooks is maintained. Slightly different this year in that there is coloured plate on the dust jacket for the first time. The special subject in this volume is Old World Primates. The 17 papers in this section cover a diverse range of subjects ranging from enrichment to nutrition, mixed species exhibition to rearing strategies. Section two covers as usual, a mixed bag of interesting new developments in the Zoo World . The important references in section 3 take up more than half of the book.
Like the previous volumes, the Yearbooks are an important part of every Zoo Library.
ISSN 0074-9664
The Zoological Society of London,
Regent`s Park,

Don`t forget International Zoo News
published eight times a year. This is the magazine for the exchange of news, information and ideas between the zoos of the world. If your zoo does not subscribe, it really should.
Annual Subscriptions by surface mail are US$75.00
Subscription cheques to I.Z.N., 80 Cleveland Road, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 2HF, United Kingdom. (Tel/Fax 01243 782803)

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Zoo News is currently sent to over a 1000 interested parties worldwide each
week. If you know of anyone who you think would like to be included please
e-mail me. If you would like to include notification of any items of
interest i.e. Meetings, seminars, job vacancies please contact me.

For those of you who have not received the News previously, you have been included because someone has suggested you might be interested. If this is not the case please email me and I shall remove your name.

Kind Regards,

Wishing you a wonderful week,



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